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Interview with an Entrepreneur: Rachael Lynsey Rubin


As an assignment for ES 600: Entrepreneurial Thinking with Professor Jeff Shuman, each student was asked to find a successful entrepreneur and interview him or her about several topics including the inspiration behind the business, the challenges and limitations each has overcome, and the creative process involved in developing a business strategy. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to interview Rachael Lynsey Rubin, a visionary entrepreneur and founder […]

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Santa is already in town.. But Christmas is yet to arrive!!!

iPhone imports 1532

  The Library Bell ringing louder with each passing day, wreaths lined up on every street corner, gifts flowing in from everywhere and the place is gleaming with festivities… This is my first Christmas away from home, and my first white Christmas ever. I thought I would be missing home and throwing tantrums over not being able to fly to India for vacation, but the story here is quite the […]

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Wearing the ‘Christopher Columbus’ hat


Hi guys, Time to EXPLORE FAITHFUL READERS!!! I’ve been talking to you about the course and the school beyond my vocabulary until now. This is the time to strap my seat belt and explore Boston and areas around. With hundreds of icy snowy skating rinks/ skiing areas in the city at your disposal, it was never easier to enjoy the snow and socialize with the city bugs. Boston Common and […]

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Two Days Before Winter Break!

Two more days before winter break after six months of interesting and in-depth diving into the world of the Innovation and Value module. In 2014 we are going to work on the Environment and Leadership module. I’m eager to know what is waiting for us in our second trip to Atlanta, Georgia which we’ll have during the first week of January. Studying in the Bentley MBA program has kept me […]

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The Value Environment in the Bentley MBA

The BMBA’s second theme is called “Value.” At the very beginning of our program, Bentley held a one week “Bootcamp” for the BMBA’s – a weeklong dive into some core basics: statistics, managerial accounting, finance, and economics – all  in preparation for the Value Theme. As a technologist with no formal business background, the concepts implied by the topics in the bootcamp were very interesting to me. They are all […]

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New class, new excitement!

We started a new class in the Value module – Strategic Marketing. Thanksgiving break just got over and it’s not that easy to come back to the arduous assignments and 8 hours studying per day. But, the beginning of the course was very exciting. We have two interesting assignments to be done: individual and group. The group assignment sounds terrific! We need to create an ironic advertisement for any existent […]

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Real World Corporate Experience…Disguised As A Class

Part of the ELMBA curriculum is a required Corporate Immersion course. In my experience it was more like an internship than a class. The course focuses on solving current business problems with company management, and they mean it. Each week we had EXECUTIVES from our partner company come to class. EACH WEEK. They were committing to us, just as much as we were committing to them. I wasn’t just in […]

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Tie Bar Optional: The Executive Exchange 2013

A couple of studs ready to network at the Executive Exchange

This week Bentley Graduate students and 10 lucky Undergrads were invited to mix and mingle with execs from 30 top tier companies in the Boston area. Students had the opportunity to sit with one or two executives from each company and connect with them for twenty minute sessions.  During these sessions, the executives spoke to their company and position and students were given the chance to ask questions about the […]

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